Studio Loco are one of the pioneers of mastering over the last decade, treating it as a science rather than a technical process. Our award winning engineers are constantly researching all the latest techquiques and trends in the music mastering of today. Your mix is listened to by expert ears to achieve the best possible production of your work.

We blend analogue and digital processing to bring out that BIG sound in today's music production. We have worked with many different genres of music, from renowned rappers, film scores, rock, jazz and pop artists.

Clients are invited to sit in on the session or send your track for our online mastering service. Weather you’re an international headliner or a bedroom musician, we’ll master your song to the highest quality standards.

There are many ways to send it but if you don't know any, we use DropBox, GoogleDrive and WeTransfer. Preferred file format is wav or aiff.

Send us your song and we'll send you a 30 sec mastered sample for FREE.