Studio Loco offers a stereo mixing workstation equipped with the latest in digital and analogue plugins in a great sounding room. We offer close and far monitoring so you sound good in your home, car, night clubs and venues.

Our skilled engineers have a great ear for fine detail, keeping up-to-date with the latest mixing trends, and have a knowledge base of ensuring your mixes line up with today’s top artists.

What is mixing?

Mixing the the process where multiple music tracks such as bass, guitar, drums and vocals are mixed together to one or more channels. Sound processing is used, such as EQ, reverb and compression, to enhance the sound for better production. Additional effects such and delays and auto-tunes can also be applied depending on the type of sound you’re looking for.

Artists are invited to sit in on the session and we take care to listen to their suggestions and can work well with reference tracks. We accept to mix recordings from other studios and home recordings also, and even if your recordings are not professional and have background noise, we can easily filter them out to sound clean and to ensure the best possible mix.