how to book a session

To book a session at Studio Loco, you simply call or email us, and we'll find an available spot that works for you. We need to know what you need to record before you book so we can prepare for the session before you come.

If you are a band, how many band members are there, what instruments do they play, and how may songs do you need to record? If you are a singer, do you have your own backing music, or do you need us to find the music for you?

Once booked, we ask only that you confirm the session one or two days before.

During the week is generally easier to find a spot, even last minute, but weekends is harder especially for day sessions, and is advised to book as much in advance as possible.




Studio hours

Our sessions start at 10am and can go on to midnight. Special arrangements can be made for all night sessions.


how to pay

Payment is made at the end of the session and generally a CD is given of the recording at the same time.



For more information or to book your session: Call or text us at 514 913 6041 or click here to email us.