Studio Loco is offering Karaoke recording in an isolated booth with a screen to sing your favorite songs. This is good to record your demo or just for fun. Its perfect if you don’t have a band and just need a good recording of your voice.

This is a great experience if you want to feel like a pop star in a professional studio with help from an experience engineer.

This had been especially popular for kid’s parties, bachelor parties, corporate outings and pretty much any group activity. Our location can host up to 50 people comfortably and up to 4 people at a time in the booth. Your welcome to bring drinks and food for a fun party athmosphere.

How does it work?

YouTube has the biggest collection of Karaoke songs in the world right now. We ask people to send us links of the songs for the recording session. We also have an immense collection if you can’t find it on YouTube. We then play it so people can hear it through headphones, record in a high quality mic and sing the lyrics from a screen in the booth.  At the end of the session we send you mp3s of your songs to play on your phone or computer. We can also put them on a USB or CD if you prefer.




Studio Loco has been the home to many of Montreal’s local talent for over 20 years, and is one of the leading studios in vocal direction and music production with their cutting edge digital and analogue technology, high end sound booth, top quality mics and helpful engineers.

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how to find us

Studio loco

366 Van Horne
Montreal, H2V 1Z2
Quebec, Canada
call or text:
514 913 6041

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