Studio Loco has been on the forefront of the Montreal music scene since it opened its doors in 1997. Its experience alone sets the trail to ensure the highest quality recording, together with the ability to bring out the best performance of the recording artist.

Most of our recordings are done in a large booth which is suitable for a drum kit and acoustic instruments. If you need a larger space, the main room is also suitable for recording larger groups, choirs and orchestras.

Our engineers offer a friendly, one-on-one service in a comfortable working environment. They take the time to make sure the recording is at its best by offering their expertise and suggestions during the recording. This will ensure the final product sounds good and performed well.

Studio Loco records renowned artists, and gladly welcomes up and coming independent artists that have little or no studio experience.

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Studio Loco has been the home to many of Montreal’s local talent for over 20 years, and is one of the leading studios in vocal direction and music production with their cutting edge digital and analogue technology, high end sound booth, top quality mics and helpful engineers.

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Studio loco

366 Van Horne
Montreal, H2V 1Z2
Quebec, Canada
call or text:
514 913 6041

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